Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tetchy Tuesday Snowmen

snowman drawing, kindergarden art, kindergarten art, snowman, Christmas
Z1's blueprint for today's efforts
snowman, Christmas, winter, crafts, children, pipe cleaners
One of these was made by me,
one by Z1
Today I was winging it  - no plan, no preparation. I had a vague idea about cutting out Christmas tree shapes to use for printing but decided to consult with Z1. She came up with snowmen out of circles.

My fatal mistake was being weak in the face of requests for YouTube. This distracted Z1 completely. Z2, once more, showed no interest in the craft to begin with. Z1, however, started off with great enthusiasm and drew a blueprint to remind me of the plan while she waited for me to begin with her. She got very annoyed at some interference from Z2 when he grabbed her snowman's pipe cleaner arm and "ruined it" (dropped it on the ground). It was downhill from there even when I brought out jewels to transform the former Weetabix box cutouts into a particularly glamorous snowman. Repeated and increasingly tetchy encouragement and queries from me as to whether she was going to give him more buttons did nothing to reignite her enthusiasm.

I grumpily banned YouTube and the computer from future pre-dinner craft endeavours. We shall see if my resolve holds.