Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Waiting for Spring, too busy to make stuff

Sparkly pipe cleaner chain
and standing on one leg*
It seems that waiting for Spring to arrive has been taking up a lot of our time and not leaving much time for crafts organised by me. That is not to say that Z1 has not been busy - there have been more pipe cleaner creations (of course) such as this sparkly wonder on the right.

She also made a rather magnificent Play Doh lobster creature which, sadly, was tidied up before I got to take a photo. Small pieces of variously coloured pieces of him may still be on my kitchen floor, though. Damn flaky dry Play Doh.

There have been plastic jewels carefully stuck to bits of cardboard, tiaras from birthday present kits in an array of materials, templates of tiaras traced onto paper and carefully cut out for a teddy, a money box made from a shoe box, a string tied to a box to be a home for a cat and  many more. It would appear she doesn't really need me at all. However, this is not to say that there will not be more force-marched organised crafts to come.

* her serious face is because she is staring at a spot on the wall to help her keep her balance in this one-legged pose.

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