Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sneak preview of this year's cake with a purpose

Last year, Z1 had a beetle cake. It was quite a chocolatey and wondrous thing. This year will also be chocolatey and wondrous as I mostly believe that cakes should be chocolate. We have decided upon a ladybird and I have planned as you can see in the lovely picture below. The party is on Sunday. Baking shall take place on Saturday. I am quite excited. 
On a side note, I was speaking to a friend here who had a book that talked about a ladybird. She thought it was a rather amusing typo or weird mistake. In Ireland and in England, we call them ladybirds but I do accept that the North American version - ladybug - makes more sense.
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  1. You are brilliant! I love this! When we were 4, Mum made us a rainbow birthday cake that was covered in smarties. The smarties were eaten but the cake was left behind. Of course, it wasnt chocolate cake so you shouldn't have that problem!

    1. I think I have heard tell of that cake before! We shall see how this cake goes down. I was surprised last year's got fully eaten as I kind of expect cake to be left behind a bit.