The List that Started it All

This is a list (with links) of the crafts that started it all - 21 days of Christmas crafts in December of 2012.

1. Countdown calendar thingummy with egg cartons - DONE
2. Tinsel and clothes hanger wreath - DONE
3. Pipe-cleaner and bead snowflakes - DONE
4. On consultation with Z1, snowmen from circles - DONE
5. Gingerbread house - part 1 - DONE
6. Gingerbread house - part 2 - DONE
7. Pyssla snowflake - DONE (by me)
8. Borax crystal snowflake - DONE (bonus beaded bracelet- DONE)
9. Borax crystal heart - DONE
10.Glittery pine cones - DONE
11. Coffee filter snowflakes - DONE (in a public place)
12. Mini pom poms made using a fork - DONE
13. Snow globe - DONE (sigh)
14. Christmas baking - DONE
15. White dough ornaments - DONE
16. Pipe cleaner bauble (Z1 solo project) - DONE
17. Borax crystal pine cone begun - DONE
18. Borax crystal pine cone completed - DONE (cheater, me?!)
19. Paper & pipe cleaner candy cane - DONE
20. Christmas cards for teachers - DONE
21. Card for grandparents (to bring with us) - DONE (but not blogged)


  1. I am currently in the process of creating a list with things i want to do with my Rawrgan before he grows up.. Maybe this could be your next mission? Lovely craft ideas.. I may just have to pop back here before Christmas this year!

    1. Not sure I could handle the long-term pressure of things to do before they grow up!